Monday, February 20, 2012

Training Week In Review

Last week I must admit was not a good training week.  I am still recovering from my calf and I just didn't want to push it.  It is really hard for someone like me whose almost never injured to recover from injuries.  No patience.  Not willing to see day on the calendar with zeroes.

As I said in other posts I am a serious creature of habit and when I do not have a good workout I feel sluggish and my day isn't complete.  This week, I had a push day.

I am about 4 weeks out from the marathon and the nerves are really beginning to get frayed. I will discuss that later.

Monday - Started my workout week with a great swim.  Yes I said a great swim.  I am feeling so much more confident in the water.  I have devoted a great deal of time to this and I am truly seeing the results of it.  My swim this morning was a 300 Warm up - 800 swim free and 150 cool down.  Took it easy.  Time 37:00

Cycling at lunch.  This ride was tough.  I think I must have chosen the toughest course for my training ride.  It was a 25 mile ride out and back.  While its a fun ride, it is also a tough ride.  I was slow for the ride and finished in 1:31.

Tuesday - Another pretty good swim.  This one was longer.  My longest swim to day.  Started with a 500 warm.  I remember when 500 was all I could do.  This was followed up with 5 X 100s and then 10 X 50 kick.  The kick board isn't a friend so I used flippers to try and help with this.  Still a work in progress.  Finished with a 250 free cool down.

Run at lunch.  I was afraid for this run so I took it easy.  I wasn't sure how I was going react if the pain in my calf made me stop.  But it was good.  I was able to maintain a decent pace all things considered.  Ran 7 miles in 57:01 mins.

Wednesday - 30 miles on a trainer.  Much fun (not).

Thursday - Had a swim lesson.  It was awesome.  I have made serious progress.  Looking at the video from my earlier swims and comparing it to now is great.  I can definitely see how my body position has improved. I am not quite up to endurance swimming but I am getting there.  

After my swim lesson, still had a swim workout scheduled.  It was a 500 warm up, 4 X 200 free and 200 cool down.

I was supposed to have a 7 mile run.  It was raining and I wasn't near a treadmill so I couldn't get this run in.  It really sucked.  I was not happy.

Friday - Six mile run.  I was actually able to run this a little better than my run on Tuesday.  I didn't chose a tough route but I knew that anything would be tough considering.  Was able to maintain a 7:40 pace.  Finished 46:08

Saturday - I am supposed to have a long bike ride on Saturdays but with the promise of rain on Sunday, I decided that I would get my run in today and ride tomorrow on the trainer in necessary.

20 mile Run. Well this run was the pits.  No rhythm, no pace, no fun.  It was slow and painful.  I wanted to quit about 1000 times during the run.  I guess I didn't do myself any favors with the course but still this was miserable.  I was so slow.  I just kept thinking this is going to get better.  I would get into a groove and then things would pick up.  Well it never happened.  Ended up 2:47:51 for a pace of 8:24.

Sunday - 45 miles on a trainer.  Oh my goodness.  I wanted to pull my hair out.  This was dreadful.  Couple of things that went wrong with this ride.  First I couldn't get the trainer setup correctly.  I either had too much tension on the tire or not enough.  So I had to keep stopping to adjust it.  Then I was hot and then cold and hot and cold.  I know I know, I am just complaining because I hate the trainer so much.  But this was not a good time.

If I had to guess a moral to my weekend workouts it would be intestinal fortitude.  Even though I was not very happy with my time or position, I did hang in there and complete the exercises.  I am hoping that this week I will get some speed back in both running and cycling.

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