Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Well today was a much better day.  Not feeling as blah today.

Today was a 25 mile ride.  It was cold and misty but I got it in.  the story for today's ride and you know there is always a story, was an older gent riding as well.

For some reason my cycling time has been declining.  Today I averaged about 17.2.  When I look at the course it doesn't seem that daunting but it is totally kicking my butt.  This is the forth time in the past week that I have ridden this course and it's not getting any easier.

Oh well, I will get it.  I am going to continue this route and work it out.

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  1. Hey Ken, just read your race schedule. I will see you at atleast 5 of those! I just updated my race schedule on my blog too. I can't wait for Sampson Super Sprint, I feel you have a great chance at first in your age group this year! See ya then!