Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Proposed Race Schedule

Well after some serious delibertation, I have decided on my races/runs/ride for this year. It should be a fun year and let's hope the gremlins keep their hands off.

Sampson Super Sprint Tri - 3/12
Tobacco Road Half Marathon - 3/20
Granite Falls Sprint Tri - 4/9
Riverwood Sprint Tri - 4/30
Gladiator 5K 5/20 - this should be a fun race
Run the Quay 5k - 6/4
Tour De Cure Century - 6/4 - 6/5
Komen for the Cure 5k - 6/11
Three Little Pigs Sprint Tri - 6/18
Tri the Quay Sprint - 8/14/11
JDRF Ride for the Cure Century - Death Valley - 10/13

I think this will keep me pretty busy for this upcoming Tri season. If my swimming improves more, I may be able to add an Olympic for this year. Cross your fingers.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Quiet Week

Last week was a really quiet week. Still trying to get into a routine with a new job, commute and work environment. Everything is different now. Everything.

The highlight of my week was JC's basketball games on Saturday. He plays on a good team. It really will help him. He needs to develop some toughness, but he does a great job. I am sure he will continue to improve as he plays with these kids. Some of the boys are really talented, just need a little more discipline. All my b-ball teachers were a little more strict and concerned with us being smart players as well as good players. I guess it is just the difference in the age.

I had a couple of really good runs last week. Thursday's 6 mile run was great. It felt comfortable and quick. No stiffness after the run. I still had energy and didn't need a kick start for the rest of the day. Saturday's run was a little tougher. It was 12 miles and it was a twisting turning thinking man's run. And you know that is not my strong suit. One of the reasons I run is to escape and to try to clear my head. But running this distance, allows me time to introduce new thoughts. How fast do I want to go? Which direction? Is that you breathing so loud? Turn left here, turn right here. I think too much for my own good. Saturday was just that. I had initially mapped out the run in my mind. But as I was leaving home I decided that I didn't want to run way out into the boondocks today and thought a city run might be easier. So I did this winding twisting turning run in order to get the distance I wanted to run. In doing so, I added about 5 additional hills. But it ended up being a good run anyway.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Books this year

I decided to start a new thread with books for the year. This will help motivate me. Remember I said earlier 26 books this year.
1. Dead or Alive - Tom Clancy
2. Hell's Corner - David Baldacci
3. Deliver us From Evil - David Balducci
4. The Confession - John Grisham
5. Dead Zero (Bob Lee Swagger) - Stephen Hunter 3/18/11
6.  First Daughter - Eric Van Lustbader - 3/31/11
7.  The Long Fall - Walter Mosley (expanding my preferred author's list) 4/8/11
8.  Known to Evil - Walter Mosley 4/16/11
9.  Tick Tock - James Patterson 4/18/11
10.  Toys - James Patterson - 4/25/11
11.  When the Thrill is Gone - Walter Mosley - 5/2/2011
12.  Private - James Patterson  - 5/13/2011 
13.  Last Snow - Eric Van Lustbader - 6/1/2011
14. Lincoln Lawyer - Michael Connelly - 6/13/2011
15.  Against All Enemies - Tom Clancy- 7/6/2011
16.  Don't Blink  - James Patterson - 7/23/2011
17.  9th Judgment - James Patterson - 8/1/2011
18. 10th Anniversary - James Patterson - 8/4/2011
19. Sandstorm - James Rollins - 8/20/2011
20.  Heaven is for Real - Todd Burpo - 8/22/11
21.  Bourne Dominion - Eric Van Lustbader - 8/28/11
22.  Blood Trust - Eric Van Lustbader - 9/4/11
23.  Carte Blanc 007 - Jeffrey Deaver - 9/6/11
24.  Map of Bones - James Rollins - 9/7/11
25.  Heat Wave - Richard Castle - 9/24/11
26.  Black Order - James Rollins - 10/3/11
27.  Naked Heat - Richard Castle - 10/11/11
28.  Judas Strain - James Rollins - 10/17/11
29.  The Last Oracle - James Rollins - 10/23/11
30.  The Doomsday Key - James Rollins - 10/29/11
31.  Robert Ludlum's The Ares Decision - 11/09/11
32.  Zero Day - David Balducci - 11/18/11
33.  Kill Me If You Can - James Patterson - 11/23/11
34.  You Are an Ironman - Jacques Steinberg - 11/25/11

New Week Same Goals

Good Morning,

Starting a new week feeling a little under the weather. Seriously feeling beat up. I have to really motivate myself this week. I just want to sleep.

So to motivate myself I am going to tell you what motivated me. Let's hope they do not sound too corny.
1. Exercise. This comes easy. I love the cycling and completely enjoy competition of sporting events so I need to just do it.
2. Reading. Another easy one. Reading is an escape. I can normally clear my head in a good book. Currently I am reading "The Confession", John Grisham. It is very interesting so far. My goal is a book every two weeks. 26 books a year. I am already behind, so I will have to get some books on tape in order to catch up. lol.
3. Work. This is the most challenging so far. My recent job change has been a real change in my life. I have never questioned myself so much as I am right now. While I feel this company is an excellent company, I am struggling to gain any traction. Everything has been incredibly slow so far. I am sure that I can attribute it to the learning curve of a new job. I guess I was so accustomed to the fast paced, always something coming at me environment at Tyco that this seems slow but really isn't. I just have to find my footing. I am working on learning the products. This industry is so competitive.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Carolina vs Duke Take 1

As a die hard Carolina Fan, last nights game was not the worse loss I have seen. Not even the worst lost of this season (GT). The boys came out and played really hard. You could definitely see the depth of the DOOKIES wearing on the Heels.

Complaints: There were many obvious fouls on the bigs from DOOK that went uncalled. Several instances of clear outs not called. Several travels not called. Tick tack fouls called on Carolina, leading to DOOKIES getting to bonus very early. Clear pushes in the back that lead to one of the 4 point trips by the DOOKIES in the second half. But then again I am looking through CAROLINA BLUE glasses.

Highlights: Carolina has a point guard that will be able to lead the team. You would think for a team rich in guard play like Carolina, you would not have to struggle to find a point. But with Drew's fizzle and Marshall's youth it took a while for the cream to rise. Henson finally found a game, too bad he can find a free throw. Harrison Barnes, while coming around really needs to take over. He is too complacent for the "top" prospect in the country. He needs to demand the ball and take over games. I guess that is not in his DNA. But he is a baller and maybe next year he will live up to the hype.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Blues

Well football season is over. Finally.

For me this year's football season has been terror filled from the very beginning. Both on a Pro and College level. All the commotion at UNC Chapel Hill and the implosion of the Cowboys early in the season. So much disappointment. The only bright spot was the Steelers are still only one ahead.

Now for the off season. So many questions. Will we have a lock out? The two sides still appear to be miles apart on the collective bargining agreements. I know just like everyone else, it just sickens me at this time of economic turmoil for millionaires to crying about who will get more of the millions we spend on football. To listen to each complain about the other. Fans like me who would do just about anything for the opportunity to attend our teams games or participate in those games can't understand how anyone could rob us of this. I do not think I want to see an 18 games season, but meaningless preseason games are useless.

Will Jerry Jones do the best thing he could do for the Cowboy's and fire the GM? Who just happens to be Jerry Jones himself. Probably will not happen. Let's just hope he doesn't decide to tinker too much with the team that started to come around towards the end of the year. He really really needs to draft a quality defensive back. Fingers crossed.

As for Carolina, the team is good, just worry about Big Brother (NCAA). Let's hope the self imposed suspension of players will be enough. We really do not need any type of NCAA sanctions. The team was just beginning to gain some traction in the ACC.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Good day all

I am sorry that it has taken me so long to blog. I have done a couple of other things since Tri The Quay. Unfortunately I have not been motivated to blog about them. Booooo.

I had a long conversation with my daughter last night and she forced me to realize that I do not talk enough. Just polite conversation, kinda robotic and nothing too personal. So my late 2011 Resolution will be to talk more. I know that people that know me will say I will believe it when I see it. Well here is my start.