Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Wrapup

Along this journey as a triathele you learn that the weekends become your long days.  Fortunately in an attempt to maintain a happy home life, I decided to make Saturday my rest day.   This way, the honey do list is not neglected and we get to spend some free time together.

I am going into a recovery week this week so my "long" run this week was 7 miles and my ride was 25 miles.  So Sunday also ended up being a shorter workout day.  I rode with a friend on a new route and it was pretty challenging.  I love riding with others.  Not only the drafting help, but also the push you recieve.  I am still thinking about either getting a new bike or re-installing my aerobars on my road bike. 

Speaking of recovery, I am searching for a good recovery drink. I have tried the Gatorade G3 and its a little thick.  I have now moved over to Chocolate milk.  But now I am running into those GI issues that accompanies diary products.  I have to find something. I know how important recovery is but I must find something that I will enjoy. 

1 comment:

  1. Good luck on the recovery drink search. I vote for the chocolate milk, but with that comes a price! And good luck on the distance goals, seems do-able, just stick with it bud! I am going to keep up with mine too, even over in the sandbox!