Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Terrific Tuesday

So happy that I have a Valentine to spend today with.  It's tough to be a triathlete without a supportive spouse or significant other.

It's hard to explain how much time we spend swimming, riding and running.  The early mornings, the early nights.  The meal plans and the carb loads.  The odd smells coming from the bathroom.  They put up with so much.

I am not sure about everyone else, but I have to favorite gear.  I am pretty much a creature of habit.  I know what to wear to be warm, comfortable and safe.  I know because I wear the same things over and over again.  And I am a typical male who thinks laundry is a 4 letter word.  But the magical laundry fairy ensures my gear is always ready.

This is just for a "sprinter".  Just imagine how much more challenging it will be once I step up to the next level.  I spend on average 10 hours a week now training.  Imagine that number being 20 hours.  Even earlier morning.  Even more time on the weekend devoted to riding and running.  Makes my head spin just thinking about how she is going to handle it.  lol.

Thank you for all the help and encouragement.  Thanks for being my Valentine.

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  1. You are right, this sport is soooo tough without support