Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend's weather was perfect here in North Carolina.  It was mid 60's the entire weekend.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Perfect Spring weather a little early.

This weekend I was supposed to do a group ride on Saturday with a Tour De Cure Team, but I ended up having a fundraising car wash to attend so I didn't make it to the group.  But I did not allow that to keep me from riding.  I went out on my own.  I almost never go riding without a plan already, but since this was thrown together at the last minute I decided to go and expand on routes I already knew and make them work.  So I  did a little ad-lib in the route. 

It all worked out pretty good.  Seemed like every turn was going into the wind.  I really need to work on my cycling.  The ride was slower than I wanted.  I know that I took it easy but geez, I thought I was faster than that. 

On Sunday, I had a long run.  For this I did prepare a route.  I also programmed in several turns so I would not get bored from running on the same street for miles and miles.  I used  It does a great job of mapping runs.  But for some reason, I didn't look at the elevation changes on this run.  It felt like every turn was up hill.  My legs were jello.  I could barely maintain a decent pace.  Then as I was running I started doubting the distance on route.  I felt like I would be over by about a mile so I started adjusting my route on the fly.  I know, I know. The tired brain doesn't work too well.  So my adjustments in my route took up more hills.  

But the good news is that I finished the run at 19.94 miles.  The bad news is I was totally whipped.  Oh well I will do better next time.  

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