Monday, October 26, 2015


Last week was a really good week.  Enjoyed a nice vacation in lovely Denver, CO.

I love the scenery in Colo.  The mountains in the background makes for amazing sunrises and sunsets.   Unfortunately the first two days I was there we had steady rain.  It was completely miserable.

I had just left NC where we had 12 straight days of rain is it finally sunny.   But it was vacation and I was visiting my grandson so I will not complain anymore (right now).

Since I am just over a week away from my first marathon in 3 years, I had to continue to run while I was out there.  The first day it was pouring, so I had to find a gym.  Fortunately I am a member of a gym that's a national chain and they had a nice facility in South Denver.  It was a great place for my run.  Only 7 on the dreadmill.

Day 2, I had just 5 miles so I woke up early and found it was only slightly misting so I went ahead and ran out side.  It was great other than the puddles.  I thought since Denver had so much snow, they would have better drainage.  They do however have bike lanes on almost every street so I was able to avoid the sidewalk ponds.

Day 3 was just a 4 mile run.  Once again only a mist so it was back outside.  I decided to run around a park.  It was nice.  No issues.  No puddles.  Easy run.

Day 4 was a long run.  12 miles.  Fortunately the sun was out and I was loving it.  Like I said earlier, Denver has great bike lanes so I was able to run mostly in bike lanes.  I did run into a running snob.  I do not like to run on the sidewalk.  It really hurts my knees.  So wherever possible, I run on grass, dirt or the street avoiding sidwalks.  Well this hero yells at me while I am running to run on the sidewalk.  I just smile and kept going.  For there it was smooth sailing.  I only thought I was lost once.

All in all the altitude didn't had as big an effect on me as I thought.  My times were pretty comparable to normal times.

Back home now and the marathon is just 5 days away.  My heart is pounding just thinking about it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2016 Ironman

Well after watching Ironman coverage this past weekend and having the serious FOMO moment, I think I have decided to do an Ironman in 2016.

After taking most of 2014 off and changing jobs, I think I can get to the fitness level required for another attempt at an Ironman.

My biggest challenge as you know if you have read my blog posts is the swim.  While it has improved tremendously, my confidence levels haven't.  I haven't been in open water since swimming in the Ohio River Aug, 2013.

I have narrowed my choices of events down to either Ironman Chattanooga or Louisville again.  I know that Louisville and I have unfinished business but I think I need the confidence of completing another course.

Well I wasn't completely accurate when I said the tough part.  That actually comes now when I tell my wife.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Weekend Long Run

This weekend's long run was a 22 mile run that was a store to store out and back.   It was a tough run.
We gathered at the store at 8:00 am.  While listening to the pre race announcements, expecting to get the route was informed that we would be given a scavenger hunt like route at each water stop.

I was like WTF?  Seriously?  Well I decided to make the best of it and just go.  The course itself had the best of all running surfaces.  We ran some on the greenway, then through Umstead on crushed gravel and the road.

A couple of things about this.  1.  The people at the water stops weren't prepared to give the clues/route  to people who didn't want water.  2.  For a 10 mile out and back you should have more than just 2 water stops and 3.  You should have them both ways.  I understand that you had shuttle service to take runners back tot he start point for the other stores.  I understand that this was more about promotion of the stores than about the actual run but come on.  Give us who are training and using this as a long run a break.

We enough about the organizers and about my run.  At first I was thinking I was going to make this a really easy run.  Slower pace and just move along.  But then as I started running I remember that I needed to be back in 3 hours.  yikes.  So I sped up.  The course was challenging,  Lots of ups and downs.

It was insane.  My pacing was totally off.  I was up and down.  Fortunately I was still able to finish my 22 miles in time but geez it was hard work.

This was also my last long run before my marathon.  I am still hitting the 20 mile wall and seriously suffering.  My next training cycle will definitely include more 20+ mile runs.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Early mornings

I am wrapping up my marathon training and I have had to do long weekday runs.  In the past I was able to get these runs done either at lunch or after work.

With the early onset of darkness, I have had to do long runs early in the morning.  While normally early runs are fine and I do not mind getting up at 6 am, but when you live an hour away from work, you can't get an 12 mile run done.

Yesterday getting up at 4:45 didn't make me very happy.  The 12 miles were tough.  I am working on increasing my cadence so the run was faster than I wanted.  It was really comfortable.  I wasn't pushing it so I shouldn't complain.

Today was another early morning.  Today I had an additional 8 miles.  I was able to get started a little later but still was an early wake up call.

Next week I start tapering,

Sunday, October 4, 2015


I really wish there was more to report about this weekend.  Unfortunately we have been dealing with

I am sure that I am like many of my tri-friends and can not stand either riding on the trainer or running on a treadmill.  

Fortunately my tri season is over so I am just riding as maintenance and improvement so missing a 
wasn't too bad but I couldn't miss my run.

So today, I went for a little 13 mile run.  Since I like to listen to music while running I use Nike Plus as well as a Garmin.  I love the little voice in my head telling me how far I have run as well as pace.
What I do not like is when the Garmin and Nike Plus is off by 1/2 mile.  It's crazy.  

Oh well what can you do.  I am just going to have to continue to gin and beer it (sorry, that should be grin and bear it).  

On a non-sports related note, we went to see The Martian last night,  It was awesome.  It was a great mix of comedy and drama.  Matt Damon is a great actor.  What is crazy is that I have watched him grow up in film.  If you get a chance watch Good Will Hunting and then this movie.  Crazy.  

Ready for another amazing training week.