Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was really good. Was able to get everything in and also enjoy some down time.  Loved it.

On Saturday, I went for a ride with the Tour De Cure team.  We were riding 50.  It was fun.  I totally miss riding with groups.  I say that after every group ride.  It's amazing how much group riding helps.  We started with a group of about 7 and ended with 4.  The 3 that dropped wanted to ride a shorter distance.  The pace was really good.  these guys are really strong riders.  I was dropped at about the 30 mile mark, but they waited for me to catch up.  The hills on this ride, while not to intense in their grade, just keep moving up.  Then I look at it on the map and you can barely discern the tough climbs.

On Sunday, went for a run.  It was 8 miles.  Unfortunately I hadn't prepared so I had to run around the block at the end in order to make the distance.  The run was ok.  I feel like I really took it easy.  I have been really concentrating on relaxing while I am running.  Just accept the time I am told and not try to push it each mile to ensure that I make a specific pace. This works for the first half.  Then the second half I always pick  it up.

This morning was a swim.  While the swim was good, I am still tense in the pool.  This makes the swimming tougher than it should be.  Still working on that.  Today was speed work.  I do not think you should ever put speed and swimming in the same sentence with me.  It wasn't very fast.  Oh well.  Something else to work on.

For lunch today I went on a 25 mile bike ride.  This has totally sapped my energy.  Right now its a struggle just to stay awake.

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