Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year, New perspective

This year I am going to make a concerted effort to blog more.  Even if its just a workout summary, I am going to start putting pen to paper as they say.

In the time since I last posted, I have been re-assessing my career as a triathlete and I have come to the conclusion that I am in.  I am totally addicted and will not be satisfied until I have a M-Dot tat.

With that being said, I recently hired a swim coach.  This was a great decision on  my part.  In the past month, I have gone from swimming a lap and being too winded to swim much more, to being able to currently swim 1000 yrds without stopping.  I can physically feel myself relax in the pool.  This is a major accomplishment.

One thing that I have learned from my brief golf addition is doing is the best teacher.  Once I found out that my technique wasn't too flawed and with minor tweaks I would be good, I decided to swim 3 times a week without fail.

I have been able to accomplish it for almost 5 straight weeks and as I said earlier, I can tell the difference.  This is totally building my confidence.  It is reinforcing that I can do this.

When I was writing my goals for this years, I really wanted to challenge myself.  I basically took 6 months off from swimming and had really long periods of very little riding so this year my challenge is going to be consistency.  Have a plan and stick to it.  With that being said:

                      2011                               2012
Swim             17 miles                           72 miles
Cycling          1881 miles                       3360 miles
Running         1222 miles                       1200 miles

I feel like each goal is completely obtainable.  They break down to swimming 6 miles per month, biking 280 miles and running 100 miles per month.  I should be able to do that without changing my routines.  I will just have to commit to the pool.  Swimming is really going to be the challenge.  But that is what this is supposed to be.  A challenge.

Oh by the way, my "A" event for this year is going to be a Half Ironman in October.  Yes, a half.  1.2 mile swim in open water.  Okay, I am more than a little freaked out about it, but there it is.  My promise to myself.  Git er dun.


  1. Sounds like your swimming is going well! Good luck with your goals in 2012:)

  2. way to go Ken. these sound like they are great goals and Im sure you will beat them. I'll stop by by more often to check out your training.