Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Monday

Good morning.  Yes it is a great Monday morning.  Just back from a very relaxing 7 day cruise in the Eastern Caribbean.  I guess I do not need to say much more than that.  

The Cruise itself was great.  We had rough seas the first couple of days.  The ship was rocking and rolling.  I am fortunate that I do not have issues with sea sickness.  But you can only complain so much when you are laying around all day.  

I did get in a couple of runs.  They were treadmill runs.  Not very exciting.  Actually quite painful.  I would have rather ran around the ship 50 times than spend an hour on a treadmill.  I was scheduled for 3 seven mile runs last week.  But it ended up being 2 four and 1 seven mile.  I know vacation right?  Too much food.  Too many late nights.  

Now back to reality.  Left Fort Lauderdale with the temps in the seventy's and returned to NC and the temps in the 30's.  I know it could have been worse.  I could have been going to NE and the temps in the 20's or below, but that is what they signed up for.  I didn't, lol.  

Wait, am I still rocking.  

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