Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Swimming Success

As many of you who have read my blog I have made a commitment to improving my swimming.  It has been a really long road for me.  Going from someone who couldn't float to being able to swim has been an adventure.

As I said earlier, hiring a coach and gaining that confidence has moved me in the right direction and now just swimming is getting me over the hump.  It still hasn't totally click yet but I am getting closer.  
My swim time is really improving mostly due to not having to stop after each hundred and catch my breath.  I have been working my way through 0 to 1650 and can tell the impact of it in my swimming.  One last swim left.  Swimming one set of 1650.

I must admit that early on I would swim 25 stop, swim 25 stop.  This mad swimming a chore and a bore.  Being winded each lap or half lap is no fun.  I would struggle through a 300 yard workout and feel like I had been tortured.

It now be able to swim not only 300 but 1200 without stopping is huge for me.  I am super excited.

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