Monday, August 22, 2011

Magnificent Monday

This weekend was busy.

Was up bright and early on Saturday for an 8 mile run.  The temp was perfect for a long run.  Virtually no humidity and temps were totally reasonable.  Was able to run at a great pace and never really felt taxed.  The run felt nice and comfortable. 

Later on Saturday morning met up with the Second Wind Run/Walk team for the 2nd training in the couch to 5k program.  They are planning to participate in the Road to Roleville 5k in November.  It was a great group.  We had 4 runners and about 8 walkers.  It was a great turnout.  After a brief introduction we started.  The pace again was very casual.  We had some runner who weren't quite as experienced as other so we stayed together.  The greenway at Rolesville park was beautiful and helped for an easy run.  \

At 1:30 on Satruday afternoon, the Second Wind Cycling crew gathered for a 50 mile ride.  This was the longest ride for several of the guys.  We normally ride early on Saturdays but with the Run/Walk training we delayed the start.  This delay introduced a new factor that many of the riders were not quite use to and that was the heat of the day. 

Matt mapped a course that gave us a wide variety of riding challenges.  We had some "steep climbs", rolling hills, and flats.  We rode through 3 counties.  It was a great ride.  We mostly rode at a pretty good pace, but the heat quickly started to catch up with some of us. We started with 6 riders and unfortunately a couple had to break off and head back early.  Normally we would not have done that, but our course keep us relatively close to "home" so no one had to ride very far alone.  We all made it back safely and anxious for our next long ride. 

After leaving the church I was heading home and stopped at Forestsville and Mitchell Mill.  I was the first car at the light and this is a relatively rural intersection, so you can see pretty well, or at least I thought so.  Once the light changed, I went through the light.  After I was through the intersection, the car right behind me was hit by car running the light.  After checking on the driver of the vehicles, and finding that everyone was ok, we signalled EMS and the Fire department which is also at that same intersection.  As you can imagine I was shaken.  I was already a little worn out from the ride and the heat and then to barely miss this accident.  I had to stop for a minute and just get myself together.

We always take things for granted.  Just driving the 4 miles home.  It so easily could have been me.  I am so thankful. 

Sunday, we visited Linda's daughter in Greensboro.  She was working her first shift as a server.  This young lady has come so far as we are really proud of her.  She did a great job with us and her other tables.  She is starting her senior year at UNC-G and we know that she will continue to do outstanding. 

Today is Magnificent Monday, because we should not dread anydays.  There are so many people who either did not wake up this morning or woke up with the ability to get in their car and go to a job.  So many more who wished that Monday morning meant going back to work.  I complain just like everyone else that Monday morning comes too fast but today I am just so very thankful to see this day. 

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