Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Blow out City

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later.  I had been fortunate in my rides to not have any ride ending mechanical problems.  I had a big fall in Death Valley, but that was rider error. 

Last night I was cruising along trying to make up time on the bike, when all of a sudden I had a flat.  I didn't panic.  I know how to change a flat.  So I made a game of it.  If this was a competition, I would have to change it quickly if I wanted to salvage any kind of decent finish.  So I get the tire changed.  I try using my frame pump to inflate it and I am getting now where quick. 

As I am standing there scratching my head trying to figure out what I am doing wrong with this pump, a good Samaritan comes to my temporary rescue.  I has a regular pump that has a presta adapter.  Score.  We pump up the tire, all looks great.  I thank him and then he disappears again. 

Unfortunately, I forgot a step in tire repair.  That is to check the tire, not just the tube.  Well I put the "repaired" tire back on the bike and start riding and I hear the tell tale sound of a new problem.  I hope off the bike and find that the tube was sticking out the tire.  So not only had the nail punctured my tube but it also ripped my tire. 

Well, at this point I am stuck.  So I call for a ride.  Oh well.  I decide I would just get new tires and try again another day.  It was getting dark anyway. 

I will have to make up the miles on Thursday.  Turning my casual 12 mile ride into a TT 22 miler. Yippee. 


  1. How do you handle a blown tube in Death Valley?

  2. They have vehicle that will come along and help you.