Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl Blues

Well football season is over. Finally.

For me this year's football season has been terror filled from the very beginning. Both on a Pro and College level. All the commotion at UNC Chapel Hill and the implosion of the Cowboys early in the season. So much disappointment. The only bright spot was the Steelers are still only one ahead.

Now for the off season. So many questions. Will we have a lock out? The two sides still appear to be miles apart on the collective bargining agreements. I know just like everyone else, it just sickens me at this time of economic turmoil for millionaires to crying about who will get more of the millions we spend on football. To listen to each complain about the other. Fans like me who would do just about anything for the opportunity to attend our teams games or participate in those games can't understand how anyone could rob us of this. I do not think I want to see an 18 games season, but meaningless preseason games are useless.

Will Jerry Jones do the best thing he could do for the Cowboy's and fire the GM? Who just happens to be Jerry Jones himself. Probably will not happen. Let's just hope he doesn't decide to tinker too much with the team that started to come around towards the end of the year. He really really needs to draft a quality defensive back. Fingers crossed.

As for Carolina, the team is good, just worry about Big Brother (NCAA). Let's hope the self imposed suspension of players will be enough. We really do not need any type of NCAA sanctions. The team was just beginning to gain some traction in the ACC.

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