Thursday, February 10, 2011

Carolina vs Duke Take 1

As a die hard Carolina Fan, last nights game was not the worse loss I have seen. Not even the worst lost of this season (GT). The boys came out and played really hard. You could definitely see the depth of the DOOKIES wearing on the Heels.

Complaints: There were many obvious fouls on the bigs from DOOK that went uncalled. Several instances of clear outs not called. Several travels not called. Tick tack fouls called on Carolina, leading to DOOKIES getting to bonus very early. Clear pushes in the back that lead to one of the 4 point trips by the DOOKIES in the second half. But then again I am looking through CAROLINA BLUE glasses.

Highlights: Carolina has a point guard that will be able to lead the team. You would think for a team rich in guard play like Carolina, you would not have to struggle to find a point. But with Drew's fizzle and Marshall's youth it took a while for the cream to rise. Henson finally found a game, too bad he can find a free throw. Harrison Barnes, while coming around really needs to take over. He is too complacent for the "top" prospect in the country. He needs to demand the ball and take over games. I guess that is not in his DNA. But he is a baller and maybe next year he will live up to the hype.

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