Monday, February 14, 2011

New Week Same Goals

Good Morning,

Starting a new week feeling a little under the weather. Seriously feeling beat up. I have to really motivate myself this week. I just want to sleep.

So to motivate myself I am going to tell you what motivated me. Let's hope they do not sound too corny.
1. Exercise. This comes easy. I love the cycling and completely enjoy competition of sporting events so I need to just do it.
2. Reading. Another easy one. Reading is an escape. I can normally clear my head in a good book. Currently I am reading "The Confession", John Grisham. It is very interesting so far. My goal is a book every two weeks. 26 books a year. I am already behind, so I will have to get some books on tape in order to catch up. lol.
3. Work. This is the most challenging so far. My recent job change has been a real change in my life. I have never questioned myself so much as I am right now. While I feel this company is an excellent company, I am struggling to gain any traction. Everything has been incredibly slow so far. I am sure that I can attribute it to the learning curve of a new job. I guess I was so accustomed to the fast paced, always something coming at me environment at Tyco that this seems slow but really isn't. I just have to find my footing. I am working on learning the products. This industry is so competitive.

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