Monday, February 21, 2011

Quiet Week

Last week was a really quiet week. Still trying to get into a routine with a new job, commute and work environment. Everything is different now. Everything.

The highlight of my week was JC's basketball games on Saturday. He plays on a good team. It really will help him. He needs to develop some toughness, but he does a great job. I am sure he will continue to improve as he plays with these kids. Some of the boys are really talented, just need a little more discipline. All my b-ball teachers were a little more strict and concerned with us being smart players as well as good players. I guess it is just the difference in the age.

I had a couple of really good runs last week. Thursday's 6 mile run was great. It felt comfortable and quick. No stiffness after the run. I still had energy and didn't need a kick start for the rest of the day. Saturday's run was a little tougher. It was 12 miles and it was a twisting turning thinking man's run. And you know that is not my strong suit. One of the reasons I run is to escape and to try to clear my head. But running this distance, allows me time to introduce new thoughts. How fast do I want to go? Which direction? Is that you breathing so loud? Turn left here, turn right here. I think too much for my own good. Saturday was just that. I had initially mapped out the run in my mind. But as I was leaving home I decided that I didn't want to run way out into the boondocks today and thought a city run might be easier. So I did this winding twisting turning run in order to get the distance I wanted to run. In doing so, I added about 5 additional hills. But it ended up being a good run anyway.

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