Friday, June 17, 2011

The day before...

Three Little Pigs.   

Tomorrow will be another first in my Tri life.  Doing an event a second time.

As you  know from reading this I have recently changed gears and have been doing P90X instead of the base Tri training.  With that being said, I should really approach tomorrow's race without any expectations and just go out and have fun.  Well I am not sure how to just reduce my race day expectations. I am not sure it that is possible. 

My makeup requires me to go all out all the time.  As much as I try to say that I am just going to having fun, I know that I will be balls to the wall tomorrow. 

Last year my time was 1:16:04.  So this year my goal will be simply to beat that time.  I fully expect to do it. Let's just hope my next blog doesn't require tissue.


  1. Wishing you much luck!! Like EMZ says.. You've freakin got this!

  2. Good luck! I fully understand the idea of approaching a race with no expectations and then it all changing when the gun goes off. You may surprise yourself.

  3. Congrats on yesterday! I had fun even while pushing myself. We need to bike some. I can not touch you on the run but can hang with you on the bike.