Monday, February 4, 2013

Week Recap

This weekend was my first long run since Disney.  Well I was supposed to do 16 last weekend but a route snafu ended the run at 13.3.  This weekend with a little better planning I did my complete 18 mile run.  Love it.  Felt so much better than the 13.3 miles last weekend.  Not sure what I did differently.  The course was actually harder this week than last and it was definitely colder.

I went for a 25 mile ride yesterday.  Also felt great.  Lots of energy.  Unfortunately there was lots of wind so my time wasn't as good as I felt on the bike.

I attended a Multisport Expo this weekend and from talking to a coach about nutrition.  This is going to be a major point of emphasis going into this tri season.  Eating properly and then fueling properly during and after workouts.

There's no magic bullet is the message I received loud and clear.  What's good or what works for some may not work as good for me.  I will be doing lots of trials in the next couple of months.


  1. That is the key, nutrition is so individually based, it is all done with trial and error, hopefully there is not alot of errors when figuring it out

  2. That's all you can do...trial and error and what works best for you. I'm off to the dreadmill...