Monday, October 24, 2011

Are you are Runner or some one who runs?

Hello Monday.  I know that we never really welcome Mondays, but I am trying to not be a downer.

This morning I totally wimped out of my workouts.  I know its alright and taking an occasional day off is ok and I really needed it.  If for nothing else for getting my head cleared.  

One thing that has been bugging me lately is that all my runs are fast.  Not meaning fast as in the time, but close to my best possible time.  No matter the distance or the day or whatever the run should be.  So instead of being a runner, I have been someone who runs.  This is something that I really need to concentrate on.  

I think my problem with it more than anything is my watch.  When I see the time at say, 8:00 pace, I freakout.  I know that is crazy and I have to remember that an easy run should be slower than a tempo run.  But still the pace freaks me out.  

I am getting ready to start marathon training and Runner World's has a very detailed and SHOULD help me finish with the time that I want. Right now I am concerned with not killing myself during the first 12/13 miles and nothing to finish the race with.  

I know that you do not have to be a runner (or exceptionally talented) in order to run a marathon but you must prepare wisely.  Changing my all out, all the time, to running smarter and reserving energy.  Remembering that its a marathon and not a sprint.

This weekend was a perfect example.  I had a long run scheduled.  14 miles.  In my head I said take it easy, run slow.  Try to run at about a 8:00 mile pace. Then the first mile was 7:19 and I wasn't really working hard, I just keep going.  Yes that little voice in my head told me not to worry but here's my splits.  I only managed 3 miles at my desired pace.

             HR      ACTUAL PACE
 Mile 1 164    7:19
 Mile 2 169    7:37
 Mile 3 167    7:43
 Mile 4 163    7:35
 Mile 5 165    7:35
 Mile 6 165    7:40
 Mile 7 166    7:32
 Mile 8 165    7:50
 Mile 9 165    7:36
 Mile 10 169  7:59
 Mile 11 168  8:01
 Mile 12 165  7:54
 Mile 13 164  7:33
 Mile 14 162  7:23

I think I will have to get hypnotized before the race because once that horn sounds it off to the races.  

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