Thursday, November 3, 2011

Terrific Thursday

This has been a very bad week for me.  I have been very down.  Emotionally and physically.  To much to go into here but just let me say, I do not want to relive this week.

I am making today a terrific Thursday because I am getting closer to my marquee race of the year, City of Oaks Half Marathon.  This is my A race.  I know that this is crazy because normally you go into an A race wanting to set a PR or wanting to win you AG.  Well for me I just want to beat my time from last year.  

Last year I did this race shortly after returning from Death Valley as well.  But as you know last year I was banged up.  I didn't really understand how badly my hip was hurt until about mile 8. This year, I have no excuse.  I am going into this race completely prepared.  Last year I didn't train for the City of Oaks and only trained for Death Valley.  This year I have done it opposite.  I didn't train specifically for Death Valley, but I have been training for this half.  

But you know I cannot do anything the easy way, so I also scheduled a 5k on Saturday.  This I am doing with the Second Wind and Wake Crossroads Baptist Church.  My goal for this 5k is just use it as a training run.  No time expectations.  No real energy expended.  At least that is what I am telling myself.  

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  1. I hope it gets better quickly for you

    Its always nice to look forward to racing, heck, the fact you get to race makes me happy