Monday, October 10, 2011

Starting the countdown

The excitement is really building for the Death Valley Ride to Cure.  I have seriously been looking forward to this since I returned last year.  I think about the ride and I remember how interesting it was last year.  Leaving NC with the temps in the mid 60's and getting to Death Valley with the temps still in the 90's.  

Last year I think I was still facing the awe factor.  Everything seemed larger than life.  I was so nervous, I am sure that I talked more than normal.  Now I feel more at ease but still really excited.  

This year the plan is to stay with our group.  It s really hard because at the start like with any race people roll out slowly.  I have to practice being patient.  This is totally not a strong suit for me but its important.  I am going to start my hydration today.  Need to seriously get it in order.  

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