Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Early mornings

I am wrapping up my marathon training and I have had to do long weekday runs.  In the past I was able to get these runs done either at lunch or after work.

With the early onset of darkness, I have had to do long runs early in the morning.  While normally early runs are fine and I do not mind getting up at 6 am, but when you live an hour away from work, you can't get an 12 mile run done.

Yesterday getting up at 4:45 didn't make me very happy.  The 12 miles were tough.  I am working on increasing my cadence so the run was faster than I wanted.  It was really comfortable.  I wasn't pushing it so I shouldn't complain.

Today was another early morning.  Today I had an additional 8 miles.  I was able to get started a little later but still was an early wake up call.

Next week I start tapering,

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