Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2016 Ironman

Well after watching Ironman coverage this past weekend and having the serious FOMO moment, I think I have decided to do an Ironman in 2016.

After taking most of 2014 off and changing jobs, I think I can get to the fitness level required for another attempt at an Ironman.

My biggest challenge as you know if you have read my blog posts is the swim.  While it has improved tremendously, my confidence levels haven't.  I haven't been in open water since swimming in the Ohio River Aug, 2013.

I have narrowed my choices of events down to either Ironman Chattanooga or Louisville again.  I know that Louisville and I have unfinished business but I think I need the confidence of completing another course.

Well I wasn't completely accurate when I said the tough part.  That actually comes now when I tell my wife.  Wish me luck.

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