Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tired Legs

Since I am still excited about blogging again, how about two days in a row.  

Today I really have to complain about having seriously tired legs.  This morning I had a 8 mile run.  This is coming off a 12 mile run yesterday.  My run plan is seriously wearing me out.  

Of I know that I have to be really careful about complaining about speed, so I will not mention that, I will just talk about feel.  

I actually think this is more due to me trying to be superman and doing a kickboxing class last week.  I am not sure about other reading this but I hate not doing everything.  The first time I tried a kickboxing class about 6 moths ago, I didn't make it 30 minutes.  This time I was bound and determined to see it through to the end.

The trainer (the little demon who I would not want to seriously kickbox with) put together these brainsplitting, extremely difficult routines.  I was getting lost about have way through.  Example, left jab, right cross, left hook, right uppercut, left, right, left, front kick, back kick, front kick, back kick, knee, knee, knee and knee.  That was just one move sequence.  I am getting winded just thinking about it again.  

Well needless to say, I was hurting by the end of class.  This was last Wednesday.  Fortunately Thursday is a light day and I only had a quick spin on the schedule so I was able to muscle through that.  Friday I was a hurt puppy.  And now I think the cumulative effect has me with dead legs.  I am going to have to endure another day with a "slow" run and "slower trainer" ride.  

Man I really love this life.  

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