Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday's Thoughts

This weekend represents the start of my TRI season this year. I have so many different feelings going into this season.  I think I made significant progress this winter with my swimming.  I know that my running has been taken to a totally different level and cycling while not quite as improved as the other 2, shouldn't be that bad.

When I look at this upcoming season, I have included many of the same races from the last two years and hope to make significant improvements from my previous times.  This weekend I have the Sampson County Super Sprint.  It's a 250 yard swim, 7 mile bike and 2 mile run.

There's a couple of things going on in my head about it
 1 - I was in the top three in my age group last year.
 2 - I am in a different age group this year and my time from last year wouldn't be in the top five in that age group
 3.  My swim time was decent last year even with me walking most of the swim, so should I repeat that kind of effort this year?
 4.  The run which is my strong suit, last year I was I did about a 6:30 pace per mile but I was healthy, 
 should I push it and try  for a repeat or just coast the run and not worry about finishing position with my recent calf issues.  
 5.  I was almost hit on my bike last year on this course so that definitely affected my bike time
 but how much did it affect me?   Will I hesitate this year?  

I know I am probably over thinking and since this is a "C" race, I should just go have fun and not worry about all the other things.  But I do know who I am talking about and when the whistle blows and I toe the line, I always forget which type of race this is and go all out.  

We will see.  

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