Monday, March 14, 2011

Sampson County Super Sprint

Well the tri season officially kicked off for me this weekend with the Sampson County Super Sprint in Clinton, NC.

This event was a super sprint meaning the distances were shorter that a normal sprint. the bike was only 7 miles and the run was only 2 miles. Not that it's any easier, you still have the transitions. You still have the competition. It is only shorter.

For this event I was not able to pick up my packet until the morning of the event so I in my head I was behind and rushing. I arrived at the site at @ 6:45. Went to sign in and register and it was totally freezing. We were all shivering in line. It was a very funny sight watching everyone getting marked. No one wanted to take off their sweats and absolutely no one wanted to drop their pants. It was a crisp 34 degrees.

My number for this race was 79. The race started at 8 so my wait this time was only 15 minutes. I was very excited about that. It truly meant that I would be able to see the people I wanted to catch. But with the distance being so short actually catching them was something totally different.

The "swim" went pretty much according to plan. I am not a good swimmer so I swam a little walked a little swam a little walked a little. But I finished strong.

The run to the transition area between the swim and bike was so cold. It was about 100 yards between the two. With the cold and the wet bare feet it was even more of a challenge. My only thought was the swim was over and I am so happy.

I made it to my bike and was out of the transition area really quick. I chose to go without socks for this race. My thought was that the distance wasn't long and going sockless wouldn't be bad. I also decided to go with a bigger shirt not a cycling shirt, for the ease of just pulling over my head and with it not tight it wouldn't stick.

As I was leaving the transition area on the bike, and just getting onto the road, some one ran the police stop point and almost creamed me. As I was falling all I could think was not again. Fortunately I was able to hop off my bike without destroying my bike or my body. My only damage was scrapped knuckles. I was able to hop right back on the bike and continue. It was totally encouraging to have all the spectators yell at the idiot that almost ran me over, it was frustrating that he didn't get a ticket or anything.

The bike course was a pretty good course. I was able to ride pretty quickly. I passed several people and was cruising into the run. The run being only 2 miles was a breeze. I was able to get going quickly. Having speed laces was a very good thing. The run began with a little climb and ended going downhill, which helped with the finishing time.

Overall the race was very good. FS puts on great event. The volunteers were great and the course itself was challenging. I look forward to going back next year.

I finished 3rd in my age group and 31 overall. My first podium finish.

I did miss having my cheerleader and biggest supporter (Linda) there. Unfortunately she had to work. But I know she was there in spirit. Love you and thanks for the positive thoughts.

Swim: 5:11
Bike: 22:57
Run: 12:30
Overall: 43:48.

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