Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Update

Hello everyone, I am back.  Sorry for the hiatus from blogging but truthfully I haven't been very active in any real sense.

My last post was another round of P90X.  Well I stopped in week 3.  It was "screwing" up my other workout and I felt they were more important.  I promised myself that I will continue to do some lifting and core work, just not the regimented P90X schedule.

I have been able to mostly keep up with that.  I have spent lots of time in the pool but also lost of time running.  I am getting ready to compete in the Disney Marathon.  This is a huge deal for me.  I am a huge Disney fan and I am totally looking forward to running through all the parks.  I am also looking forward to running with about 25,000 people.  WOW, I know.  That is  a lot of people.  At first I was concerned about getting trampled at the start but my friend Chick, assured me that I would be ok.

As you know I ran my first marathon last March.  I ran a 3:22 something.  My goal for this marathon is 3:20.  I know it's not much of a decrease from my first marathon and this course is going to be flat.  Well after talking to mentor, I found that my running did not include a sufficient amount of long run, so I am going to listen to his advise and go for a 3:20.  I am growing, how about that.

Know that this is the first blog of a new year and it's customary to list goals and resolutions.  So here are a few of mine.

1.  Complete Ironman Louisville before dark.
2.  Complete Ironman Raleigh in 6 hours.
3.  Compete in an double century ride.
4.  Ride at JDRF Nashville and Death Valley
5.  Become a running mentor and work on becoming a coach.

That's it for athletic / fitness goals.  I am sure I am forgetting something really important.  It will come to me later.