Monday, May 14, 2012

Week Wrap-up

My schedule has become really pack and hectic.  I feel like I am running around constantly and I am not talking about on the track.

I have a part time job with a retail store.  I normally do not work there much, just once or twice a week.  Nothing too strenuous.  The store recently announced that it would be closing and was moving into liquidation.  That means everything in the store has been marked down up to 60% off.  Great, for the shoppers, not so great for the employees.  Because we are in liquidation the old scheduling rules no longer apply.  I have been scheduled for 20 hours per week since we started the liquidation.  That means I am working 4 nights.

**Whine Alert** With me working 4 nights a week plus my normal 40 hour job and another 13 hours of training, my body is just worn completely down.  Waking up at 5 and going almost nonstop until 11, wears on you.

Ok enough of that.  Just had to say it.  This will not last much longer than the end of May.  I am just in maintenance mode and waiting until I can get back on track with more training.

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  1. Ah yes, when we were young! I can't stay up until 11:00 PM with my normal stuff! Good luck with the hours.