Thursday, June 7, 2012

Three Things Thursday

Here is my foray into Three Things Thursdays.

1.  Army 10 miler.  Friday.  This will be my first competitive 10 mile run.  I have several different thoughts about it.  Originally I thought I would just run it as a fun run and hang with a friend.  Then I thought do I really want that to be my PR for a 10 mile run?  I have been thinking about running hard and just trying to place in my age group.  Tough but doable.  I haven't really trained for this distance.  I do not think I have run over 8 miles in 2 months.  Hmmmmm.

2.  Komen 5k.  Saturday. This is totally a fun run for Saturday.  I will be pacing for Bette Carter.  This whole event should be a great time.

3.  Open water swim.  I plan to get into the water this weekend.  I am going to stay in the shallows and only swim enough to say that I did it.  My goal is to swim less than 100 yards.  Baby steps.

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