Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Achilles Heel

I have been trying really hard to overcome my swimming shortcomings. I have tried to read articles, tried just going swimming more, and every other conceivable ideas on my own to improve my swimming and it just isn't working. Am I going to be one of those sprint triathlon kings? Never doing an Olympic or Half? Not doing a 5150 or Ironman? Am I really a triathlete if I don’t? Am I going to stay mired in mediocrity.

I am really going to be forced to make some really tough decisions. Hire a coach? Give up? Just work on other things? What do I do? This is my Achilles Heel. Am I going to quit?

I am thinking about hiring a coach but I had a great coach and I just freaking suck. AUGH. I am thinking about just continuing to go swimming. Hard work. Dedication. Just do it. But that hasn't worked in the past. I really need to decide. I had really high aspirations. I know I can do the bike and I know that I can do the running. I do not even have to be a great swimmer, I just have to be able to make the distances. I know, HTFU, I am trying and I have tried. But my frustration is about to a boiling point.

I just read today that a buddy is starting an Ironman training program. I am really happy for him but really sad for me because I know that I could do the same thing. AUGH.

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  1. Hire a coach, preferably a different one for a fresh approach. Swimming responds more to technique and simply logging more pool time could be reinforcing bad habits. Hang in there!