Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th

Yesterday, I attended the Firecracker 100k.  It was a 100k ride with the Heritage Bike Group.  I also invited Chick from The Second Wind and other friends from Tri-Unify.

We met at Allstar Bike shop at @ 7:30.  We were all excited and anxious to get started.  While standing there we had the opportunity to just watch the diverse crowd. The differences in people.  All getting ready for either a 50 or 100k ride.

This ride took us through a tri-county route.  We went south from Wake County into Harnett County and crossed over into Chatham County back int Wake County.  While the route wasn't too difficult, it had its challenges.

The group did a great job.  We were able to stay together and enjoy the fabulous NC scenery.  Fortunately we all made it without any injuries, mechanical issues or SAG support.  It was a great time.

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